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Development of the Hungarian air quality network (OLM)
and laboratory background project
PRESS RELEASE: Environment-air quality

-more, than 1 billion Swiss aid air quality protection-

The implementation of the project “Development of the Hungarian air quality network (OLM) and laboratory background” has started officially by the Opening Event was held in the building of the Ministry of Rural Development. Within the framework of the project modern sampling and laboratory equipment for measuring will be procurement and mobile stations, as well, which can be arranged changing locations of measurement programs. The development impacts on the health, economy, tourism areas, improve the quality of life and protect the health of the population. The project will be realized Swiss 85% support.

The aim of the project is to develop an air quality network that secures the establishment of the air quality measures and development of the laboratory background in order to meet the requirements required by law. The automatic and manual sampling points of the measurement network covers the whole territory of the country. “In order to preserve the air quality, first we have to be aware of the condition, which can be provided only by the continued investigation, monitoring system operation is maintained by state” – highlighted by the Director of the Central Transdanubium Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Water Management, Dr. Andrea Zay.

Nearly forty years ago operated network – in spite of the investments of the inspectorates and methods of measurement, measuring points, as well as modernization of the conditions – is out of date national level, is necessary significant renewal in order to ensure adequate data quality.

The measurement results can be based on a smog alert, implementation of public authorities or extraordinary procedures in the case of immediate actions.

This is supported by the Swiss Confederation to about 1,2 billion in grants. Thus, air quality information becomes available about subregions which automatic measuring station is not verified, as well as about any polluting components an automatic method of measurement does not exist to ensure the continuous measurement. Hungary contributes about 215 million forint own resources to Swiss contribution.

In 2006, a referendum in Switzerland decided to support the countries that joined the EU in 2004, catching up on the economic and social disparities in an enlarged EU. With this intent, Hungary receives a grant a total of about 31 billion forint corresponding to the Swiss franc. The support which has been winning to the development of the national air quality network and laboratory background promotes a reduction in harmful air pollution, environmental monitoring, improves the standard of living and the achievement of sustainable development. More information about the Swiss contribution please find to the page http://www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/hungary.
This project is co-financed by Swiss Cooperation Programme for Hungarian.
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