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Development of the Hungarian air quality network (OLM)
and laboratory background project
PRESS RELEASE: smog season started?

In mid-November high air pollution level was measured in the country. Fortunately, it was not necessary to order smog warnings, but the emission of air pollutants should be reduced. What can we do?

According to National Air Quality Monitoring Network (OLM) data, dust particles (PM10) pollution was over the limit, but only less than a day. In the winter season, transport emission, households’ solid fuel combustion as well as unfavorable weather situation contribute to air pollution. In cities where smog situation can occur, a smog alert plan has to be prepared and confirmed by local governments. The plan contains communication guidelines and an alarm system.

You can do a lot to protect your health: stay less in open air, ventilate briefly in the early afternoon, use public transport instead of your car, know the requirements of smog alert in your city. It is forbidden to burn leaves!

Ministry of Rural Development is responsible for providing Hungary`s air pollution measurement data. In order to develop air pollution measurement system, the public procurement procedure of purchasing 144 sampling units, 31 laboratory instruments and two mobile measurement stations has started. The development of the network costs 1.4 billion HUF. The project will be realized in the framework of a project supported by Switzerland. See the details of the project: www.svajcalevegoert.hu.

More information about smog and measurements can be found here:
This project is co-financed by Swiss Cooperation Programme for Hungarian.
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